Treatment Systems

Water Filters & Filtration

Many of our water supply systems make use of natural water sources. When pumping from a shallow well, spring or borehole well the water often contains particles. These particles vary in size from few microns (typically invisible to the naked eye) to few millimetres, cause damage and corrosion to water systems, taps and electric household appliances. More importantly they can be harmful if consumed.

The good news is we can help you eradicate these issues!

JF Andrews supply a range of filters and filter systems to remove sediment from water. Depending on the end use of the water and your specific requirements will depend on which product is best for your needs.

Our most common filters include:

  • washable cartridges with net in polypropylene 60 and 80 microns, for potable water;
  •   stainless steel cartridges with washable stainless steel 80 microns, for potable water
  •   wound cotton cartridges 5 and 20 microns, disposable;
  •   activated carbon cartridges for removal of tastes, odours, colour, chlorine;
  •   cartridges with polyphosphates in crystals, anti-scale and anti-corrosion action;
  •   dechlorinating cartridges

We supply replacement filter cartridges as well for existing systems.

If you know what you need you can purchase here at JF Andrews online. If however, you are unsure what you need don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact details above or submit a query through the site; we will happily advise you.

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