JF Andrews Engineering are now the offical supplier of Atlas Copco's Gesan line of QIS power generators within N. Ireland and ROI. 

To meet the widest range of power needs, the QIS comes in no less than eighteen models. Each model delivers exceptional reliability and performance in the most demanding conditions with the lowest cost of ownership. The QIS range targets a wide variety of industries including data centers, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, retail and recreation, telecommunications, public works and governments, and transportation

We hold new and used stock of all types power genetraors in different sizes. We have generators to cater for all needs including domestic, industrial, commercial or agriculture. Many of our generators can be used as stand by or as the prime power source. Larger generators as a rule of thumb have A.M.F (Automatic Mains Failure) protection built in to maintain power what ever the weather.

We will purchase your generator from you as well. You can discuss this with one of our sales team. 

As well as generator sales we also service and repair all types. Please call us if you are experiancing generator difficulties for further guidance.

If you are a generator owner/user it is advisable to service regularly to ensure that your equipment continues to work efficiently. We can provide this serivicing solution to you as well. 

Please visit our product pages for up to date stock information.

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