About JF Andrews Engineering

JF Andrews Engineering have been providing solutions for Power Generation, Water and Wastewater Pumping, Water and Wastewater Treatment for over 45 years.

The company has a well regarded and recognised brand coupled with extensive experience in design, supply, installation and commissioning of Water/Wastewater Pumping, Treatment and Power Generation Plant.

JF Andrews are proud to represent some of the leading Pump, Treatment and Power Generation manufacturers in the world:-

  • Grundfos Pumps
  • Atlas Copco QIS GESAN Power Generation
  • Bio Cell Water & Waste Water Solutions
  • GEL Hydro Technology
  • Pentax pumps
  • Pedrollo Pumps
  • Homa Pumps
  • ZDS Pumps
  • Zenit Pumps
  • Conder Environmental Solutions
  • Shakesby Water Treatment.

JF Andrews have access to an experienced team of design, Process and Technical Engineers, so that we can provide solutions for any size of Power Generation, Water and Wastewater Pumping and Treatment applications.

The Group has a proven track record in the Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Commissioning,Operation and Maintenance of Power Generation, Water and Wastewater Treatment and Pumping Solutions.

JF Andrews are now well positioned and supported to provide and deliver solutions for the Water Utility Sector, Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Quarry, Agricultural and Food and Beverage Industries.

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