Water Softners

Hard water in Ireland is common due to the geological makeup of the land. Limestone and other minerals are in contact with the water table below ground; these add to the hardness of the water. The two minerals which cause this damage are predominantly calcuim and magnesium.

A quick indicator for hard water is to check your kettle for scale. If the stainless steel element or bottom of the kettle has a white powder like coating; it is more than likely you have an issue with hard water. If left untreated it may eventually damage your water system, boiler, valves taps and shorten the lifespan of electric goods like kettles.

It is best to seek advice if you think this may be a problem for you. There are a range of different options available to you to combat this problem whether it is a domestic supply or commercial.

Contact our experianced sales team who can advise you of your best options.

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