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GRAF One2Clean sewage treatment plant – 7 population – gravity outlet

A reliable wastewater disposal system is the one2clean.  You will be able to take responsibility for the timely disposal of your waste water, while taking care of your budget and the environment.  One2clean is an advanced development of the proven SBR wastewater treatment technology, with considerable advantages in terms of operating costs and safety.

How it works

  • Untreated waste enters the tank via the inlet on the side of the tank.
  • The wastewater falls directly into the biological zone where the treatment is taking place, this allows the micro-organisms to start the breakdown process without delay.
  • Compressed air is sent to the treatment plant via the control panel. This air is initially used for aeration through the diffuser.
  • The aeration process is intermittent to achieve the best treatment performance. Aeration is then stopped to allow for the activated waste to sink to the bottom of the tank.
  • Compressed air is then sent to the plant again to extract the cleaned water near the surface, via the red air-lift. This water passes through a sampling point before leaving the plant, where samples can be taken to confirm the quality of effluent.
  • The above process occurs twice per day, each lasting 12 hours.
  • Specification

    Population equivalent:   7
    System:   Carat-S 4800 L with internal control system
    Daily Flow (litres/day):   1050
    Total Volume (litres):   4800


    Length (mm):   2280
    Width (mm):   1985
    Height (mm) Pedestrian cover:   2250-2450
    Height (mm) Vehicle cover:   2570-2770
    Weight (kg): 220-260

  • Graf one2clean brochure


    GRAF One2Clean – one-tank installation

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