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Designed and tested in accordance with BS EN12566-3:2005 the British Water Code of Practice for Flows and Loads, the Clereflo ASP will serve a population range from 6-20 persons and is suitable for residential and commercial projects where mains drainage is not available. Typical applications include single dwellings, small communities or developments, refurbishments and rural barn conversions.

For homeowners and self-builders the key features of the new Clereflo ASP are its discreet below ground installation, its quiet odourless operation and the low ongoing maintenance and running costs. For builders and developers, as well as being price competitive, the Clereflo ASP’s compact design offers a low-cost, easy installation process.

All applications should be specified to comply with the British Water Code of Practice for Flows and Loads. Further advice and assistance is available from our experienced internal and external sales teams. Site visits and assessments are recommended to ensure the correct equipment is proposed for each application.

Standard range plants produce an effluent quality of 20mg/l BOD; 30mg/l SS; 20mg/l NH3.  The correct plant should be selected to meet the requirements of the discharge consent granted by the Environment Agency, SEPA or EHS.

Features and Benefits

  • Type tested in accordancewith BS EN 12566-3:2005
  • Value for money
  • Completely below-ground installation
  • Easy to install – reduced costs
  • Proven technology with reliable performance
  • Quiet, odourless operation
  • Compact design with no moving parts
  • Typically 1 to 3-year desludging period
  • Deeper inverts available with a standard extension kit
  • Option for pumped influent or effluent
  • Effluent Standard: BOD removal 97.1%
  • Suitable for discharge to ground or watercourse (subject to Environment Agency consent)
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