Pedrollo VXm 15/35 Submersible Pump

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Water Pumps
VX Submersible Pumps for professional use, particularly reliable with generous motor specification and hard-faced mechanical seal. The proven Vortex System allows clearing of dirty water containing suspended solids. VX pumps are designed to lift dirty water which is not chemically aggressive to the pump components. Their construction makes them particularly suitable for DOMESTIC, CIVIL AND INDUSTRIAL applications, in all cases where suspended solids up to Ø 50mm have to be dealt with, such as water mixed with mud, groundwater and surface water.


Power: 1.10kW/1.50HP, 230v
Flow Rate: Up To 450 L/min (27.0 m³/hr)
Dynamic Head: Up To 15m
Dimesions: 235x400mm
Weight: 15.7kg


Draining Flooded Areas (Basements & Garages, Uunderground Car Parks
Washing Areas For Machinery
Pumping Domestic Waste
Emptying Cesspits
Disposal of Sewage, Dirty & Waste Water

Operating Limits...

Maximum operating depth 5m below water level
Fluid temperature up to + 40 °C
Maximum passage for suspended solids Ø 50mm
For continuous duty: minimum immersion 290mm
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