Pentax Hidromatic -H1 Pressure Switch


Enquire about Pentax Hidromatic -H1 Pressure Switch

Pressure Vessels

Pentax Hidromatic has been designed to automate the start and the stop of electric pumps. If the unit detects a drop in pressure it will automatically control the pump, turning it on or off repectively to avoid dry running and motor burnout. The Hidromatic is an electronic device which controls and regulates the flow of water and pressure from your pump. For peace of mind the Hidromatic is a must to insure your irrigation and pumping needs are met 24/7.


Power supply: 230v 50 or 60 Hz. Voltage tolerance +/- 10%.
Max switching current: 12 amps
Max. motor size 2 hp
Max total pressure: 10 bar
Max liquid temperature: 65oc
Operating pressure range 1 – 3.5 bar (14.5-50.6psi)
Max flow rate 80 l/min
Start flow: 2 – 2.5 Litres/min
Connections: 1” BSP male
Protection: IP65
Pressure gauge 40mm dia 0 - 12 bar

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