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JF Andrews designed and manufacture the PumpPod. It is an integrated pumping solution for industrial, commercial and larger scale application. The PumpPod provides a two pump booster station neatly packaged which operates in a duty - standby arrangement. It is manufactured in Ireland and arrives on site ready to install and commission - it is a plug and play solution.

For further information on the PumpPod see our dedicated website www.pumppod.eu


  • Vandal resistant; flush fitting handles and cover locks as specified by the end user
  • Radio or telemetry modules installed as required by user

Pump Set

  • Welded stainless steel pipe work rated to 16bar (standard unit)
  • Available with Grundfos CR vertical pumps
  • Stainless steel isolation ball valves before and after each pump
  • Stainless steel non return valve on each pump
  • All ball and non-return valves are 3 piece for ease of removal
  • 10L accumulator vessel Pressure transducer c/w isolation valve for maintenance purposes
  • Pumps and pressure transducer are wired via plug and socket to the panel for easy disconnection
  • Emergency stop button located in pump section


  • Form II panel IP65
  • Variable speed drive control of the motors
  • PLC control system
  • Intelligent operation via Modbus between VSD and PLC
  • GSM text alert system options
  • User adjustable set points for HMI
  • Automatic alternation of the pumps available
  • Controls can easily be set as duty, standby or duty, assist, standby
  • Monitors the outlet pressure; only operates when required
  • Pump running current, hours run and trips are displayed on the HMI control screen.
  • Designed to provide operator friendly access during maintenance
  • Adjustable set points
  • PID Setting
  • High/Low Pressure Alarm
  • Rotation Time & Min and Max Speed of Pumps
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