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JF Andrews Now Supply Septic, Treament & Rain Water Harvesting Tank From Biocell


            Septic Tanks


Our EN12666-1 certified septic tanks offer a high strength solution for any site – especially those with difficult access.

Our tanks have been tested to the most stringent EN12566-1 standards and are certified for use in both dry sites and sites with a high water table – without the need for a concrete backfill.

This revolutionary design feature makes our high strength plastic tanks the number one choice for home owners installing a replacement or new septic tank.


  • Fully EN12566-1 certified
  • A range of sizes available
  • Longest emptying/de-sludging interval on market
  • Advanced design for treatment efficiency
  • Lightweight – easy to install with no need for heavy machinery
  • Small footprint
  • No concrete backfill necessary on majority of sites
  • Nationwide network of suppliers
  • Risers available to allow installation at any depth
  • Single piece, perfectly watertight tank.
  • Tried and tested



            Sewage Treatment Systems


The Biocell® sewage treatment system is separated into three chambers within a single, watertight, high strength tank. Raw sewage enters the first chamber where it is stored and where initial treatment takes place. The second chamber is where the majority of microbial treatment occurs and in the third chamber further settlement/clarification takes place before effluent is discharged.

The treatment process is highly effective at dealing with shock loads (typical of a domestic house) resulting in a treatment system that is both more robust and versatile than other available systems.


  • Lowest running costs on the market – as little as €5 per person per year.
  • Fully certified to EN12566-3 standard.
  • Advanced treatment process that produces amazing effluent quality to both 95% & 97.5% efficiency
  • No moving parts in tank for ease of maintenance and increased durability
  • Hundreds of systems installed here each year
  • Super high-strength GRP tank
  • Simple to install with a mini-digger
  • No concrete backfill required on most sites
  • Proven to be reliable and trouble-free
  • Odour free treatment technology
  • The no. 1 choice for home owners, builders & engineers
  • Approved and authorised by every local authority.



          Rainwater Harvesting Systems


  • High Quality complete packaged systems at an affordable price
  • High strength lightweight tank made with clean material
  • A simple & effective money-saving method
  • A reliable system resulting from the combination of our tank with high quality German & Italian components
  • A variety of different system options available
  • A proven system, with units installed throughout the country
  • Engineers available to talk with plumber/builder at all stages
  • The no. 1 Rainwater Harvesting System on the market.



The Rainwater Cell domestic rainwater harvesting system collects rainwater from the roof of your dwelling and stores it an an underground (or above ground if required) holding tank.

An in-tank filter prevents leaves and other debris from entering the tank.

The system is equipped with an internal pump to discharge the treated rainwater when required.

A floating suction fitting is connected to the pump which extracts the cleanest rainwater from the system. Surplus rainwater is removed from the holding tank via an overflow and passes harmlessly into a soakaway/storm sewer.

The stored rainwater is pumped at normal pressure from the holding tank directly to the appliances. A mains connection is also fitted to the holding tank or attic tank and acts as a top-up facility if and when the rainwater supply is depleted.



            Commercial & Industrial Sewage Treatment


Biocell are the market leaders in the manufacture, supply & installation of large scale/commercial sewage treatment plants in Ireland, with systems sold and installed countrywide.

To date we have supplied our highly efficient/low cost sewage treatment systems to schools, caravan parks, hotels, nursing homes, leisure centres and GAA clubs throughout the country.

[A comprehensive list of references is available directly from our office if required]


All systems we supply are fully installed and commissioned – with an effluent quality guarantee supplied. We maintain full product liability insurances for the systems we supply.

Where high levels of effluent treatment are required we can incorporate an anoxic phase to reduce nitrogen levels, ferric sulphate dosing to reduce phosphorous levels and even ultra-violet light treatment to remove bacteria.

Raw & final effluent pump stations can be supplied for any site requirements.

In addition to supplying sewage systems we offer total nationwide coverage for annual maintenance and monitoring to suit every requirement.

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