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Multi-Boost Water System



The Multi-Boost Pumpset for houses and apartments is ideal where ther is low mains water pressure and where the pressure fluctuates. It is electronically controlled through a flow switch unit which starts and stops the pump automatically when a tap is opened or closed.

It is efficiently designed to ensure minimal noise and low running costs.

Ideal for,

  • Guest Houses 
  • Office Blocks
  • Private Houses
  • Sport Facilities
  • Apartments



  • Ideal if mains pressure is low or inconsistent
  • Good storage capacity in dust/ verminproof container
  • Pump is submerged in water - no problems with priming
  • Silent operation
  • Minimal installation requirents
  • Multiple tanks - inter-connection option available


  • Non-corrosive holding tank
  • Protective lid enclosure as standard
  • Ballcock to control water intake
  • Pressure pump (fully submerged in water)
  • Electronic controller - stops and starts pump
  • Dry run proctection included
  • 1" drain off valve
  • Connections: Inlet 3/4"

                                Outlet 1"

                                Overflow 11/4"


  • Controller Options
  • Optional Pump
  • UV Disinfection System
  • Tank Sizes   /


Tank Sizes Avaliable

  • 250Ltr  1050mm (H) x 760mm
  • 300Ltr  1600mm (H) x 580mm (Slimline)
  • 500Ltr  1280mm (H) x 760mm
  • 750Ltr  2000mm (H) x 760mm
  • 1000Ltr  1444mm (H) x 1688mm (2)x 563mm (W)
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