Pentax DP60G Submersible Pump

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Water Pumps

Flow rate up to 400 L/min (24 m³/hr)
Dynamic head up to 14.5 m

Power : 230v


Maximum operating depth 5m below water level (3m up to 0.55 kW)
Fluid maximum temperature + 40 °C
Maximum passage for suspended solids Ø 4mm

Innovative design and advanced technology are incorporated into these new pumps, designed to be easy to use and extremely reliable.


DP pumps are suitable for lifting clear water not containing abrasive substances. They have been designed for easy use and are extremely reliable even when subjected to continuous use (subject to correct installation). The motor is fully cooled and has an ample reserve of power plus a double seal system with barrier chamber of bio-degradable oil. The motor and the pump are easily removed, making maintenance and repair simple.

These pumps are particularly suitable for draining flooded areas (basements, garages etc.) emptying swimming pools, tanks and aquariums, waste household water disposal (dishwashers, washing machines), supplying garden fountains, small scale irrigation for gardens in general from collection tanks and emptying sump pits.