Pedrollo RXm 2/20 Submersible Pump

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Water Pumps

The RX series pumps are suitable for use with clear water that does not contain abrasive particles.

As a result of the design solutions that have been adopted, such as the complete cooling of the motor and the shaft with double seal, these pumps are easy to use and reliable. They are suitable for use in fixed installations and applications such as draining small flooded areas (rooms, cellars, garages) in the event of an emergency, for the disposal of waste water in the home (from dishwashers, washing machines) and for emptying drainage traps.

Power : 230v

Pumped liquid: drainage clear water

Use: domestic, civil
Type: submersible
Range: centrifugal

Performance range
Flow rate up to 300 l/min (18 m³/h)
Head up to 20 m

Application limits
10 m maximum immersion depth
Maximum liquid temperature +50 °C (Maximum liquid temperature +90 °C for a maximum of 3 minutes intermittent service)
Passage of suspended solids up to Ø 10 mm
Suction level:
- 14 mm above ground level for RX 1-2-3
- 25 mm above ground level for RX 4-5
Continuous service S1